DM3D Technology – February’s Featured Corporate Member



DM3D Technology is the leading additive metal manufacturing company, dedicated to providing innovative solutions to meet the needs of the laser, aerospace, automotive, oil and gas industries and beyond. The Michigan-based company offers production additive manufacturing services through its proprietary DMD technology, as well as product development services for additive manufacturing, in-line DMD systems for high volume production processes and customized, production-ready equipment. Through the use of patented laser-based Direct Metal Deposition (DMD) technology, DM3D Technology not only forms fully functional metal parts, but also uses 3D CAD data to add metal to existing parts. By using industrial lasers as an optical heat energy source and utilizing the company’s patented closed-loop feedback system, DM3D produces metal parts that maintain dimensional stability.

Owned by CITG Capital, DM3D Technology was established in 2013, when its founders acquired the POM Group, Inc.’s DMD technology. Building upon the decade-long work the POM Group completed in this technology, DM3D originally provided DMD services for tooling applications. Now, with a strong focus on additive manufacturing, the company specializes in four main services: DMST, DM3R, DM3D and DM3M.

DMST offers cost-effective solutions to the industry’s material challenges, coating low-cost parts of varying geometries with high performance materials.  DM3R provides time-efficient remanufacturing applications, using the DMD process to not only repair and rebuild damaged components, but to reconfigure parts to adapt to design changes. The service for which the company is named – DM3D – is free form fabrication, or 3D printing, which creates fully dense, functional metal parts. Finally, as an innovative solution for combining two or more materials into a single component, DM3D created its DM3M service – Multi-Material Component Applications – which saves companies time and money, by precisely applying necessary materials at select locations on parts, enhancing product performance.

Since 2013, DM3D Technology has remained dedicated to adapting to industry needs, such as cost concern, which has proven a continuous obstacle in the journey to bring additive manufacturing into mainstream manufacturing. As a result of customer demand for cost reduction, DM3D’s team has worked to find solutions through the innovation of multi-part fixturing and numerous types of beam shaping and beam splitting to improve throughput. Routinely offering the most cost-effective, time-efficient solutions on the market, DM3D will introduce a new type of Hybrid Manufacturing process soon, which will transform a conventionally fabricated metal preform into a fully functional 3D metal part through the use of DM3D’s proprietary metal additive, DMD process. Ideal for mid- to large-sized parts, the process will improve throughput, reduce cost and enhance quality.

Though its parent company, POM Group, Inc., became a member of Laser Institute of America (LIA) in 2007, DM3D Technology joined when it branched off in 2013. LIA membership has proven important to DM3D, as the organization not only provides the company more exposure to its customers, but also serves as an effective tool to embed DM3D in the Laser Material Processing community and to network with others in the same field.

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