Clark-MXR, Inc. – July’s Featured Corporate Member

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An industry leader in Ultrashort Pulse laser based micromachining and the production of ultrafast lasers and laser-based solutions for scientific research and industrial applications, Clark-MXR, Inc. is known for offering unparalleled contract manufacturing services and easy-to-use laser products at a low cost of ownership. Located in Dexter, Michigan, Clark-MXR, Inc. serves customers from universities, laboratories and industries across the globe.

Clark-MXR, Inc. was incorporated as a Michigan corporation in 1992, to acquire the assets of two running companies: Clark Instrumentation Inc., founded by Dr. William Clark, and Medox (MXR) Research, Inc., founded by Dr. Philippe Bado – a member of Professor Gerard Mourou’s research group. As the world’s first commercial ultrafast laser company, Clark-MXR, Inc. has introduced many first-to-the-market products since its inception, including its CPA-1000 in 1992. In addition, Clark-MXR, Inc. has been involved in the use of ultrafast lasers for micromachining based on research conducted at Professor Mourou’s laboratory at the University of Michigan.

The company’s products and services stem from its two main divisions: the Laser Products Division and the Micromachining Division. Responsible for designing, building and servicing ultrashort pulse lasers for scientific and industrial applications, the Laser Products Division also manufactures micromachining workstations that are used in industrial micromachining, micro-manufacturing and proof-of-concept process development. Its complete system solutions meet a variety of industry needs, from ultrashort pulse micromachining workstations based on Model CPA-Series Ti:Sapphire lasers to Model IMPULSE, Yb-doped fiber lasers and complete nonlinear spectroscopy systems. Additionally, this division of Clark-MXR, Inc. produces accessories, such as NOPAs and harmonic generators, and offers customized product development, consultation and collaborations.

The formation of the second division, the Micromachining Division, was initiated by the introduction and success of the first commercial ultrafast laser based micromachining workstation in 2002, Model UMW based on Model CPA-Series laser. Providing value-added service to the semiconductor, medical and other high tech industries, this division utilizes the company’s ultrashort pulse lasers to cover a range of tasks, from prototyping to routine part production.

The Micromachining Division consistently meets its goal of addressing the growing demand for micromachined parts using ultrafast lasers, which offer a superior quality when compared to traditional methods. Because of the company’s innovative technology and extensive knowledge from the last 20 years, Clark-MXR, Inc. can machine a wide variety of materials – including ceramics and refractory metals – without recasting, heat-affected-zone (HAZ), delamination or melting. The micromachining technologies utilized within this division of the company can be adapted for innovative research – from 3D tomography and geological sample analysis to laser ablation mass spectrometry and LIBS. With a clearly-honed expertise, state-of-the-art inspection facilities, and a dedication to working closely with customers, Clark-MXR, Inc. develops custom methodologies that successfully fulfill customers’ unique needs.

Over its history, Clark-MXR, Inc. has grown, now earning recognition as a premier company in the laser industry for ultrafast laser micromachining and for its numerous ultrafast laser products, including many first-to-market products and innovations. The range of products and services the company offers today includes Model CPA-Series Ti:Sapphire Ultrafast lasers, Model IMPULSE Yb-doped high power/high energy fiber lasers, Ultrafast Micromachining workstations,  and complete system solutions for micromachining and research sectors, including fully customized systems. In addition to its range of products, Clark-MXR, Inc. works to help the growing ultrafast laser based micromachining industry, among other things, through its Ultrafast Micromachining Handbook, which was introduced in 1999 and is now freely available on the Clark-MXR, Inc. website to familiarize individuals with the novel physics of ultrafast laser based material removal processes.

Since joining Laser Institute of America (LIA) in 1999, Clark-MXR, Inc. and its team have been actively involved in the organization, with Dr. William Clark serving as LIA president in 2005.

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