Five Things You Should Know About LIA’s Industrial Laser Conference

There’s more to this inaugural conference than you think. 

Have you heard the buzz about our inaugural Industrial Laser Conference?  This one-of-a-kind industrial laser event is presented by Laser Institute of America and will be held at the September 2016 International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS) in Chicago. It is the foremost way for you and your team to learn how to incorporate lasers into your manufacturing processes, so you can stay competitive – and grow – in the current high-tech market.

Debuting on Tuesday, September 13, 2016 at the world-renowned McCormick Place, the Industrial Laser Conference will cover the spectrum of industrial applications of lasers, such as Additive Manufacturing (AM), Cutting, Welding, Marking, and more. Most importantly, the experts at the conference will show you exactly how to apply lasers to increase your organization’s profits and efficiency.

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We couldn’t possibly pack every engaging detail about the conference in one Lasers Today blog post, but we can share with you our five favorite things about the first-annual event. Here are the top five things you can expect at the Industrial Laser Conference – and this is just the beginning:

1. The Industrial Laser Conference will be held at the famous IMTS

IMTS will run in its entirety from September 12-17, 2016, and will showcase over 2,000 exhibiting companies and more than 114,000 attendees.

If you’re already attending IMTS – the Industrial Laser Conference is a great complement to inspiring your skill set and furthering your company. Enjoy the entirety of the IMTS event, plus the Industrial Laser Conference – or travel to Chicago to learn about leading edge industrial laser manufacturing over a course of a day.

 2. The conference is perfect for Production Pros, Manufacturing Engineers, Directors of Manufacturing, Design Engineers, Technicians – and more.

From manufacturing directors to automation engineers to production specialists, every member of the industrial manufacturing workforce can benefit from attending this conference, learning over the course of a full day how to leverage lasers into their manufacturing processes in a high-tech, high-demand market.

 3. It is chaired by FANUC America Corporation’s Elizabeth Kautzmann

Take it from us – Industrial Laser Conference Program Chair Elizabeth Kautzmann of FANUC America Corporation is ready to kick off this future-forward inaugural event. As Kautzmann explained to us in a recent interview, the innovative techniques on center stage at the Industrial Laser Conference are emerging and revolutionizing the industry to meet market demands, all rooted in the field’s collective understanding of conventional machining. You can read more about what this industrial laser leader has to say about the conference here.

 4. It’s Industrial Laser Content-Packed

Anyone who works in industrial laser manufacturing can benefit from this event. From the “Tracking Trends in Lasers” program that will discuss today’s industrial laser opportunities in depth, to the latest advances in Additive Manufacturing, Hybrid Manufacturing, and Kautzmann’s favorite, “Trends in the Trenches,” there is something for everyone at the Industrial Laser Conference. View the full program here.

5. It’s Future-Forward – and Focused on You

This event is perfect for both industrial manufacturing professionals who want to improve their laser program – and those who have considered lasers as part of their processes before, but haven’t made the leap just yet. From the novice to the expert, every member of the industrial manufacturing spectrum can benefit from this future-forward event that is 100 percent focused on your individual and collective success.

Learn More about the Event – Sign Up Now! Click to register. If you have any additional questions, we’d be happy to help. Contact our Conference Team:, or +1.407.380.1553.

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