The Top Five Things to See and Do at ICALEO 2016

These five engaging events will take place at this year’s ICALEO conference, held from October 16-20 at the Sheraton San Diego in San Diego, California.

This year’s International Congress on Applications of Lasers & Electro-Optics (ICALEO®) in San Diego, California is content-packed and better than ever. Held this year from October 16-20 at the Sheraton San Diego, laser professionals and curious tech connoisseurs from around the world will engage on the West Coast in an environment where professionals are able to participate and share in striking conversations and revelations about the latest and most popular developments within laser research.

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If you attended the 34th annual ICALEO last year at the Sheraton Hotel in Atlanta, you can attest to more than 400 attendees from over 22 different countries who took part in various event segments and networking with like-minded scientists, engineers, and researchers, all while openly discussing the latest findings in laser research and developments within multifarious fields.

From keynote speaker Dr. Ellen Townes-Anderson’s research of laser tweezers, to more than 200 presentations and posters covering findings in photonics and laser technology, the 2016 ICALEO builds off of last year’s momentum, celebrates 35 years of laser innovation, and provides attendees with countless opportunities to network and learn about new laser technology in various fields and review the latest developments in laser research.

Here are the top five things to see and do at ICALEO 2016:

1. Plenary Sessions

The opening plenary session will spotlight laser applications beyond the everyday. Join us during this session as we visit Mars, self-driving cars, and revisit LIGO. The closing plenary session will bring you new ideas and processes to expand your horizons. It will feature presentations which cover surprising new developments in applications – from iPhones® to planes.

2. The 18th Annual Student Paper Award

Now in its 18th year, the ICALEO Student Paper Award provides a special opportunity for students working within laser development and research. Each year, students submit papers that are then reviewed by designated ICALEO conference chairs. Award winners of the 18th annual Student Paper Award will be announced during the ICALEO’s Closing Plenary Session. There will be a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winner.

3. Laser Industry Vendor Reception & Tabletop Display

This ICALEO event enables attendees to meet other professionals who are making waves within the laser industry. Those attending the Laser Industry Vendor Reception are able to network with others while sharing current or future product ideas. The tabletop displays also allow attendees to participate in engaging conversations and learn about the latest products from some of the biggest names in the industry.

4. The LIA Awards Luncheon

The annual Laser Institute of America Awards Luncheon consists of a conversation-filled meal with colleagues, an awards presentation, and a speaker address. The Arthur L. Schawlow Award recognizes the career-long dedication of an individual and is held with high regard. It is presented each year to one hard-working and motivated individual who has majorly and positively impacted laser technology for scientists and consumers within a given field. Read more about the 2016 Schawlow Award Winner, Dr. Yongfeng Lu, here.

5. Networking Opportunities

Within the technology industry, networking has become one of the most appreciated keys to success. This year’s conference will offer countless opportunities for both aspiring and professional scientists and engineers to network with academics and R&D industrialists from all over the world.

Each year, ICALEO strives to provide both the latest and most recent information in laser technology to its attendees. Whether it be through a meet-and-greet, poster presentation, award ceremony, tabletop display, or networking social event, ICALEO 2016 offers countless educational and socially interactive opportunities for aspiring and veteran professionals alike.

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