Weekly Wrap-Up – Week of August 5, 2016

It was a big week for lasers in the workplace, as we covered recent trends in scanning methods, industrial laser applications, manufacturing, and accident prevention across our website and social media channels.

3D Scanning Laser Measurement
The Leica Absolute Scanner LAS-20-8. (Image courtesy of Hexagon MI.)

Laser Industry News

A recent study predicts substantial growth for 3D scanners through the end of 2016. Worth noting, however, is the majority market share held by 3D laser scanners. Find out what is driving this new, projected trend here.

This week, we featured another entry in the Laser Accident Series – this time, with a focus on how a lack of laser safety knowledge led to life-changing injuries for two individuals. The Laser Accident Series is a continued emphasis on education and safety through the use of lasers by bringing to light real-life accidents, as reported by OSHA, and caused by lack of proper procedure. Learn more about the injuries and how LIA and OSHA are working to prevent these incidents from occurring here.

If you’re seeking ways to save time and cut costs on your manufacturing processes, be sure to check out How to Save Time and Money on Manufacturing. Here, you can discover ways to stay on the leading edge in your industry through attending conferences, such as the Industrial Laser Conference, and becoming more acquainted with the concept of additive manufacturing. While you’re there, download our SlideShare presentation on The Cost of Manufacturing with Lasers vs. Without Them. Find it all here.

Conference Updates & Information

Speaking of the Industrial Laser Conference – this week, we continued our Industrial Laser Conference blog series by unpacking just why the conference was created. Learn about four of the many valuable features of the conference today by reading our blog here. Included is a link to sign up for the inaugural conference, held at the International Manufacturing Technology Show in Chicago. Registration is open now.

ICALEO is right around the corner, taking place October 16-20 in San Diego, California. In preparation, we compiled a list of the top five things to see and do at ICALEO. From plenary sessions, to great networking opportunities, there’s plenty to check out in our post here. Haven’t registered for ICALEO, yet? You can find out how to sign up here.

ICALEO Event Banner

Industrial Laser Conference Banner

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