ALIO Industries, Inc. – November’s Featured Corporate Member


A pacesetter in the industry, ALIO Industries, Inc. is known for its innovative designs and successful production of precision motion systems. With over 300 standard products and numerous custom OEM designs, ALIO Industries repeatedly meets and exceeds the current application needs for precision, high performance and reliable motion.

Founded in 2001 by current owner Bill Hennessey, ALIO Industries is dedicated to building the most precise motion systems with unparalleled performance and reliability. The expert team at the Colorado-based company has created numerous products and product lines that prove integral to the industry.

Since its inception, ALIO Industries has designed and built a patented Hexapod product line that focuses on precision needs with the fiber and memes assembly industry. Today, the company has grown to offer over 300 standard products for True Nano® Precision motion systems with 6-D Point Precision® for the global precision industrial markets. ALIO Industries’ product range covers linear and rotary motion using both high precision mechanical and air bearings. The company also offers single-axis motion, integrated monolithic XY stages with closed and open centers, rotary axes and complex integrated multi-axis solutions – such as its patent-pending Hybrid Hexapod®, which is unparalleled in its 5 or 6 axis precision.

ALIO Industries developed this revolutionary product, which is among the company’s most important, to meet the demand for systems with better precision and performance than legacy motion systems. As a result, the Hybrid Hexapod® is more precise than traditional Hexapods or stacked stages, with forward and inverse kinematics that can be integrated with lasers and programmed with G-code as a CNC machine. This allows for precision laser machining, especially when kerf, chamfer or drilling precision holes are required.

With an unwavering focus on Point Precision®, ALIO Industries continuously provides the highest precision motion systems available across the globe by starting with rigid novel designs. The company utilizes unique machining techniques and careful and exacting assembly methodology, all while testing to standards that exceed the current ISO/ASME procedure requirements. ALIO Industries’ nanometer level bi-directional repeatability, flatness and straightness provide the basis of its novel 6-D Nano Precision® standard of motion systems.

Over the years, ALIO Industries has remained dedicated to meeting customer needs in a variety of industries. Most recently, the company has seen the largest growth from the electronics manufacturing industry, which has kept ALIO Industries doubling in size for several years. The company’s products are used for applications that range from metrology, basic inspection and display tests to laser machining glass and sapphire. To meet the latter demand, ALIO Industries will soon introduce its laser integrated gimbal motion system. This system for machining sapphire and glass, which allows for very large angular motion to machine edges over 90-degrees from the plan, can also be used for 3-D metal printing for turbine blades and complex geometric forms.

A member of Laser Institute of America (LIA) since 2013, ALIO Industries appreciates the organization’s focus and contacts, which aid in the company’s efforts in to further its networking and maintain product relevancy.

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