Weekly Lasers Wrap-Up: Week of 11/7/2016

The Laser Institute of America LasersToday.com Weekly Wrap-Up aggregates industry news, conference updates, and LIA happenings. Here is the latest:

Conference News

Did you miss out on ICALEO® this year? Lasers Today posted a wrap-up of the event this week, taking a closer look at the sessions, presentations, and awards presented throughout. Official 2016 ICALEO®  proceedings are now available in the LIA Store.  For more about ICALEO®  2016, find the official wrap-up press release here.

LIA Updates

While some may prefer learning in a traditional classroom, many LSOs benefit from online training. For those of you considering online instruction, LIA has provided a handful of tips to help you get the most out of your online training before you even begin! Check out the tips here.

A new LIA White Paper is now available. Entitled Our Growing Industry: How You Can Prepare, the White Paper discusses the proper training and resources LSOs can utilize to ensure employee safety. Readers will also find tips regarding the key elements that make up a strong laser safety plan, tips on selecting eye protection, and more! Download it here.

Attention Students! Are you interested in becoming an LIA Member? If so, Student Membership prices have been reduced to $25! Becoming an LIA Member has numerous perks and advantages such as subscriptions to LIA publications, discounts on courses, conferences, and seminars, and so much more! Become a member here.

Laser News:

Researchers at the Chalmers University of Technology aim to be able to transfer 100gb of data per second in a single fiber, with one core. To do this, the team is focusing on making the laser faster “while consuming less and less energy.” Learn more about the team’s ambitious plans here.

Could a device designed to identify pathogens and toxins be on its way to Mars? A NASA technologist hopes so and is currently testing a prototype Bio-Indicator Lidar Instrument (BILI) for use on a future Mars rover. Using ultraviolet lasers, BILI would be used to scan for biomarker molecules, as a clue to past life on the red planet. Find out more about BILI and Mars rovers here .

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