TRUMPF Inc. to Introduce Entry Level Automated Laser Welding Machine at FABTECH 2022

TRUMPF to introduce new solution for entry level automated laser welding

FARMINGTON, Conn., September 12, 2022 – At FABTECH 2022, booth B6309, TRUMPF will unveil a new solution to help sheet metal fabricators get started in automated laser welding. Fabricators no longer must choose between costly and time-consuming manual welding or large,  automated systems that are expensive and complicated to operate. Enter the TruLaser Weld 1000, an entry level solution from TRUMPF which offers smaller companies the benefits of automated laser welding, boosting the productivity of their production processes to provide a real
competitive edge. The new system is particularly suitable for job shops that weld products such as electrical cabinets, sheet metal boxes and covers.


Simple to program

The TruLaser Weld 1000 makes programming quick and easy. Unlike most commercial systems that require several days of training, the information needed to run the TruLaser Weld 1000 can be obtained through e-learning. The system incorporates a robot whose operation is based on the concept of a collaborative robot, or cobot. However, its six-axis articulated arm enables it to move much faster and more precisely than a standard cobot, resulting in higher-quality weld seams and less non-productive time. The operator manually guides the robot over the seams on the part to be welded and presses a button to mark the relevant waypoints. Then, the software creates the weld program. “Depending on the part, this style of programming – where you simply guide the robot along the seam – takes a matter of minutes. So, it’s also a good choice for
small-batch production,” says Masoud Harooni, head of the welding technology product group at the TRUMPF Inc. Smart Factory. With a compact format and dimensions of 17 by 7 by 9 feet, the system fits most manufacturing facilities and can typically be installed and commissioned within a single day.


Double the work area at the touch of a button

Efficiency is a key advantage of the TruLaser Weld 1000. The work area is divided into two sections with a partition. While the robot welds a part on one side of the partition, the operator can load and unload on the other. Once the welding process is finished, the robot automatically switches to the other side along a linear axis and starts work on the next part. This design saves time and boosts productivity. If the operator wants to weld larger parts, the partition can be raised automatically to provide a work area that is double the size. To maximize safety, TRUMPF
developers installed a wall behind the robot to ensure that no laser light can escape during welding. This keeps employees safe when they are working right next to the robot.


High-quality welding of thin sheets

TRUMPF uses a 3kW solid-state laser as the system’s beam source. The high-power laser energy rapidly penetrates the sheet when and where it is needed, making it easier to weld thinner sheets without distortion. In most cases, no post-processing is required, so companies can save time and cut costs. The TRUMPF laser system is also a great choice for processing thicker sheets.



TruLaser Weld 1000

A new entry level solution from TRUMPF, the TruLaser Weld 1000 offers smaller companies the benefits of automated laser welding. The TruLaser Weld 1000 creates a competitive edge by boosting productivity and is particularly well-suited for job shops that weld products such as electrical cabinets, sheet metal boxes and covers.


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