LIA Corporate Member Profile – Acceleron, Inc.

LIA Corporate Member Acceleron, Inc. is a major provider of precision-welded parts and component assemblies to the medical, aerospace, aircraft, defense and semi-conductor industries. The company currently operates the largest privately owned electron beam and laser production facility in North America.

As a manufacturer specializing in electron beam and laser technology, Acceleron currently meets the needs of customers worldwide whose products vary in size and category. Other in-house services provided are sheet metal rolling, TIG welding, various types of parts testing, CNC milling, CNC turning and CNC grinding.

Located in East Granby, Conn., Acceleron was founded in 1974 by Don Montano and presently has 40 plus full- and part-time employees. Their operation consists of two plants located within close proximity totaling 48,000 square feet. One location provides all laser services while the other provides all electron beam services. Today’s owners are Rory Montano and Lance Montano.

Acceleron got its start 35 years ago by providing services to medical- and defense-related programs. Today, the company’s two most active industries are aerospace and defense.

Company Mission

“Acceleron has shown its commitment to service and excellence for over three decades, and we take pride in being a leader in our areas of expertise. We are proud to be the largest and most diversified electron beam and laser service company in North America,” said owner Rory Montano. “We are fortunate to have a dedicated and skilled staff, modernized equipment and a commitment to explore and develop new technologies, such as electron beam “additive manufacturing,” that enable us to provide an unsurpassed level of quality in meeting some of the most complex challenges in the industry.”

Invite Them In

Placing great importance on customer relationships, Acceleron, Inc. has developed an in-house educational seminar program to give engineers and technicians a better understanding of Acceleron’s various technologies and how they differ. The goal is to educate customers on the capabilities of laser and electron beam technologies, including where and how they can be effectively used for present and future designs.

“Our seminars have been well-attended by existing customers, and feedback has been very good. Through our seminars, our customers are educated on the breadth of our capabilities. This becomes an avenue for them to become aware of additional services we offer while expanding our business opportunities,” said Montano.

Staying Strong

During its 35-year history, Acceleron, Inc. has seen many industry changes that have caused a continual evolution to occur within the company.

“The increasingly competitive nature of our present economic environment has caused us to look seriously at current practices and methods for process improvement that will best support the needs of our customers. As a result, we are implementing ‘Lean Practices’ that will provide increased efficiency while eliminating waste,” said Montano.

“In early March, we embarked on an in-depth, 12-week continuous improvement training program attended by a dedicated core team. As part of that program, we have executed and continue to work on shop cleanup and organization for improved flow and efficiency; value stream mapping; process improvement and process/quality standardization.

Acceleron, Inc. has been an LIA Corporate Member for a decade. As the company is currently building up its sales and marketing functions, Montano anticipates high usage of LIA research materials to identify appropriate investments based on the latest technologies and to understand potential new markets. For more information, visit

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