Newport Announces Colored-Glass Alternative Filters

  • Fully RoHS compliant thin film filters with superior spectral performance

Irvine, CA – January 18, 2010 – Newport Corporation, a worldwide leader in laser and photonic solutions that Make, Manage and Measure Light®, introduces a series of Colored-Glass Alternative Filters that feature exceptional durability in any environment.  The new product line offers 34 longwave-pass thin film filters in four standard sizes to provide equivalent-to-superior spectral performance when compared to industry-standard colored-glass filters. The alternative filters are ideal for applications where very-steep transitions from blocking to high transmission, are required.  Notably, and unlike many standard colored-glass filters, Newport’s alternative filters do not contain any hazardous substances (e.g. cadmium and lead), making them fully RoHS compliant.

According to Ken Pihl, Product Manager at Newport Corporation, “Our thin film engineering team has developed these innovative filters to address the needs of our OEM customers.  The RoHS compliance is a very important issue because it ensures that our alternative filters, when designed into electronics equipment, will not be subject to unavailability in the European Union (EU). Currently, there is a 4-year exemption (subject to change) that is granted by the EU that permits the sale of electronic equipment with standard colored-glass filters that contain hazardous compounds.  Newport’s alternative filters, which do not contain hazardous materials, can be part of any electronic equipment design that is destined for export to the European Union, without concern that this EU decision will be reversed in the future.”

Newport’s patented Stabilife® coating technology produces thin film coatings that are extremely durable even under harsh environmental conditions.  The new colored-glass alternative filters are ideal for applications in spectroscopy, optoelectronics, environmental monitoring, immuno-diagnostic testing, and DNA analysis. The filters have been tested per ISO 8424 and have significantly higher stain resistance than comparable glass filters (SR1 rating >100 hours exposure to 0.5M/1 HNO3).  Excellent performance has also been achieved under rigorous testing conditions including humidity exposure, extreme temperature, abrasion, and water solubility.

About Newport Corporation

Newport Corporation is a leading global supplier of advanced-technology products and systems to customers in the scientific research, microelectronics manufacturing, aerospace and defense/security, life and health sciences and precision industrial manufacturing markets.

Newport’s innovative solutions leverage its expertise in high-power semiconductor, solid-state and ultrafast lasers, photonics instrumentation, sub-micron positioning systems, vibration isolation, optical subsystems and precision automation to enhance the capabilities and productivity of its customers’ manufacturing, engineering and research applications.  Newport is part of the Standard & Poor’s SmallCap 600 Index and the Russell 2000 Index.

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Company Contacts:

Kim Abair
Director of Global Marketing
Tel: 949-863-3144

Ken Pihl
Product Manager
Tel: 508-528-4411

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