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A leading global supplier of fiber optic products for both existing and next-generation optical networks, OZ Optics Ltd. specializes in designing and manufacturing components and test equipment for fiber optics markets. Respected as a revolutionary company, OZ Optics Ltd. was not only the first to introduce polarization maintaining fiber optic components, test equipment and visual fault locators to the marketplace, but also to integrate wireless technology into its designs of remote fiber optic measurement systems and instruments. The company’s award-winning fiber optic sensor systems are used for the remote monitoring of a variety of large structures, including oil and gas pipelines, wells, refineries, bridges, dams and security fences, as well as for fire detection.

The CEO & President, Omur Sezerman, and Vice President of Human Resources, Zahide Sezerman – both of whom co-founded OZ Optics Ltd. in 1985 – currently own the company privately.  Though the company’s head office is located in Ottawa, Canada, OZ Optics Ltd. reaches across the globe, with manufacturing facilities in Canada, Turkey and China, and sales offices in Canada, Turkey, China and the United States. 380 employees span the company’s 10 departments worldwide, which include Optical Components, Test Equipment, Optical Sensors, Mechanical Engineering and more.

Throughout its 31-year history, OZ Optics Ltd. has served customers in differing sectors, ranging from telecommunications and cable television to medical, military and aerospace, and has been well-recognized for its innovation and achievement. This success began with the first product OZ Optics offered – the OZ Tilt Adjustable Laser to Fiber Coupler – which came from the mind of CEO & President, Omur Sezerman. The inexpensive coupling device for fiber optics systems eventually led to the establishment of the company’s three main product lines: Fiber Optics Components, Optical Test Equipment and Fiber Optic Sensors. The majority of OZ Optics Ltd.’s business focuses on its Fiber Optics Components line, which includes Laser to Fiber Delivery Systems, Polarization Maintaining Components, High Power Fiber Optic Components and more. OZ Optics is recognized as a pioneer and leader for this line, especially for its work with Polarization Maintaining (PM) Components and High Power Fiber Optic Delivery Systems. Most recently, the ISO-9001:2008-certified company received the 2009 Frost & Sullivan Best Practices Award for its Distributed Strain and Temperature Sensor.

In this ever-changing industry, OZ Optics Ltd. remains dedicated to seeking out new and innovative technology with commercial potential. The company’s expertise often transforms laboratory prototypes into successful products. This work, which frequently leads to new patents and proprietary technology, also benefits other OZ Optics products and ensures that OZ Optics Ltd. remains a key player in the industry. Proving this, the company recently launched five new products: the High Speed Electrical Polarization Controller/Scrambler, the Benchtop Polarization ER Meter, the Variable Bandwidth Tunable Filter, the Benchtop Backreflection Meter and, finally, the OZ Optics Inline Optical Tap Monitors, which were nominated for the 2016 Prism Awards.

The company has seen the most significant growth in the telecommunications sector over the last five years, which has led to increases in production and sales, as well as increases in R&D investment, marketing, sales, human resources and capital equipment. These increases have ensured new job openings, effectively bringing in additional employees who add expertise and skills to the company’s innovative team.

A member of Laser Institute of America (LIA) since 2004, OZ Optics Ltd. enjoys the opportunities provided by the organization and appreciates the common set of standards available in this constantly-expanding industry.

For more information, visit www.ozoptics.com.

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