Weekly Lasers Wrap Up – Week of January 9th, 2017

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Here is the latest:

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Laser Industry News

Medical indwelling catheters, implanted into the body for up to three months at a time, tend to be prone to infections. A multi-discipline study is aiming to develop an optic-fiber delivered UV and Violet light-based therapy, in an effort to reduce the chance of catheter-related infections. Learn more about the study here.

Trumpf and Siemens have partnered up to help industrialize laser metal fusion technology, in an effort to make additive manufacturing of metal parts an essential part of production processes. The two companies will work together to develop a software solution for the design of 3D printed parts. Get the details here.

LIA Updates

Laser Safety Officers (LSOs) hold a significant amount of responsibility in their position. Online training through LIA can help boost your credibility as an LSO. Through online training, LSOs are more familiar with ANSI standards, are able to pass along knowledge to peers and colleagues, and are equipped to develop a Laser Safety Program. Learn more about how LSOs may benefit from online training through LIA here.

Conference News

The advance program for the Laser Additive Manufacturing Workshop (LAM®) is now available! With a detailed list of the planned sessions and presentations for this year’s workshop, you can plan your visit to LAM® 2017, with ease. Find the program here.

LAM® will take place February 21-22, 2017 in Houston, Texas. For information on location, registration, and conference details, please visit https://www.lia.org/conferences/lam.

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