ICALEO 2020 Platinum Sponsorship Dedicated Interview – Lumentum

Please introduce yourself and what you do at Lumentum.

My name is Vincent Issier and I’m Director of Product Line Management within the Commercial Lasers Business Unit. I’m currently managing a broad range of laser and component products for applications ranging from metrology to biotech to micromachining and macro-machining. I held various R&D positions and then moved to the product line management position in 2010, either designing lasers or driving micromachining business. I have been attending ICALEO for many years.


We understand that you are the Platinum sponsor this year at ICALEO. What are your impressions of the event transitioning to a virtual event this year?

At Lumentum, the safety of our employees and communities is a top-priority. We understand the challenging decision to transition ICALEO to a virtual event, but support and align with the conference’s commitment to safety while continuing to move the industry forward.


Can you tell us about the importance of companies like yours attending events like ICALEO?

ICALEO brings leaders and experts in the laser industry together. It is important for companies like ours to adapt during these unprecedented times to continue to share innovative solutions and ideas. ICALEO has been at the forefront of the industrial laser applications and we are very proud to be supporting this event.


Has Lumentum been impacted in any other ways due to the pandemic?

Like many companies that have internal manufacturing, Lumentum has altered its operations to address the safety of our employees, their families, and our global communities.

Lumentum has adopted signage to support social distancing, provided face coverings and training for proper use, temperature monitoring, and physical modifications to seating configurations and installing no touch faucets, doors, etc. We are also supporting work-from-home for people and functions that can perform their role remotely.


Do you anticipate any long-term changes due to COVID-19 that Lumentum will make moving forward?

The safety of our employees and communities have always been and will remain our top-priority as a company. We will maintain our COVID-19 safety protocols based on our own requirements in addition to local and state government regulations.


Has the pandemic had any unexpected positive effect on your company?

The pandemic has connected and unified our global company through one goal, to ensure the safety of our employees and communities. Through this unprecedented time, we have enhanced our communication to drive transparency and stay connected to the changing needs of our employees.


Is Lumentum currently working on anything that you think our readers should know about?

We have recently announced a new addition to our picosecond laserseries to address the micromachining market. The higher power PicoBlade™ 3 employs a new design which enables faster processing and improved throughput for micromachining applications including OLED, PCB, semiconductor, metal and solar cell processing.

Lumentum ultrafast lasers are known for their excellent beam quality, high pulse-to-pulse stability, and long-term output power stability. These characteristics are also built into the PicoBlade 3, but now at significantly higher power (up to 50 W at 355 nm). Available in IR, green, and UV wavelengths, the PicoBlade 3 also incorporates the added benefits of Lumentum’s FlexBurst™, MegaBurst™, AccuTrig™, and SYNC capabilities.


If so, how do you see this shaping our industry going forward?

Today, picosecond lasers are increasingly becoming the workhorses of the laser micromachining industry. The continuous trend toward miniaturization in the smartphone, automotive, and medical device industries increases the need for higher power, precision, and flexibility in the lasers used in manufacturing processes. When developing PicoBlade 3, our objective was to release a new product increasing the power by a factor of four to enable higher throughput in existing applications. By doing so, we enable a faster processing and reduce cost-of-ownership.


Is there anything else you think worth discussing?

Here at Lumentum, our focus is to develop leading-edge, high performance lasers designed for industrial applications with maximized uptime. We have also been a critical component supplier in the fiber laser market for more than 20 years. With our extensive in-house capabilities from wafer fabrication and diode packaging, to optical fiber fabrication and fiber laser integration truly highlights our vertical integration and why Lumentum is a world-leading supplier for fiber lasers and subsystems. Our CORELIGHT® fiber laser systems provide extreme operational performance with an industry-leading brightness. Optimal beam quality from high-brightness fiber lasers is our key differentiator that increases processing throughput, improves the quality of processed material, and lowers cost of ownership. Our compact and rugged fiber laser systems are ideal for the most demanding macro-materials processing applications and environments.

You can find information about all Lumentum products on our website https://www.lumentum.com/en


This interview was done by the Laser Institute of America as part of a sponsorship package offered at the ICALEO conference. To find out more about how you can sponsor at ICALEO 2021, please visit icaleo.org or reach out to marketing@lia.org.